Name: Al Hallaniyah
Shipwreck: Probably one of the Sodre brothers shipwrecks.
CMAC No: 108
Waters/Stimson Type: 0
Date Made:
Dia-mm: 175
T-mm: 2
W-gm: 344.3
Scale: Obliterated
Marks: Portuguese Royal Coat of Arms / Armillary Sphere
References_AT: Mearns et al., 2016; information from David L. Mearns, 2017.
Condition_AT: Eroded
Notes: Recovered by David L. Mearns in 2014 from the site off Al Hallaniyah Island, Oman, believed to be Vicente Sodré’s ship Esmeralda, on a cooperative project with Oman’s Ministry of Heritage and Culture.
Nationality: Portuguese
Additional Images: