Name: Padre Island III
Shipwreck: Espiritu Santo?
NMM No: 30
CMAC No: 30
Waters/Stimson Type: Ia1
Date Made: 154[5]
Dia-mm: 245
T-mm: 15
W-gm: 3969
Scale: 0-90-0
Marks: 154[5] / quintuple dots cross
References_AT: Stimson, 1988
Condition_AT: Complete
Maker: Unknown
Notes: Recovered in 1967 off Port Mansfield, Texas, USA, by the salvage company Platoro, of Gary, Indiana. This site is believed to be that of the Espiritu Santo, lost at Padre Island in 1554, with another two ships: Santa Maria de Yciar and San Esteban.
Nationality: Portuguese?
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