Name: Banda II
Shipwreck: Banda
NMM No: 56
CMAC No: 56
Waters/Stimson Type: Ia5
Date Made: 1602
Dia-mm: 175
T-mm: 17t/20b
W-gm: -
Scale: 90-0-90
Marks: A circle incised on the ballast; * / 1602 / R is stamped above date.
References_AT: Stimson, 1988
Condition_AT: Eroded
Maker: Portuguese
Notes: Recovered from the 1615 VOC shipwreck Banda, in the 1980s, and purchased by the Nederlands Scheepvaart Museum in 1986, through Sotheby's, for 25,000 Pounds.
Nationality: Portuguese
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