Name: Rincon
Shipwreck: Rincon Shipwreck
NMM No: 63
CMAC No: 63
Waters/Stimson Type: Ia5
Date Made: 1616
Dia-mm: 170
T-mm: 17
W-gm: 3082
Scale: 0-90-0
Marks: A double circle incised on the ballast; ; * 1616 *
References_AT: Stimson, 1988; Garcia 2005.
Condition_AT: Good
Maker: Spanish ?
Notes: Recovered off Rincon beach, on the west coast of Puerto Rico in 1986, from a shipwreck dated to circa 1680. It was hypothesized that this shipwreck could be the Defiance of Prince Maurice, lost in 1652, but there is no evidence to support this theory.
Nationality: Spanish ?
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