Name: Rio Grande do Norte
Shipwreck: Unknown
CMAC No: 90
Waters/Stimson Type: Ia4
Date Made: 1656
Dia-mm: 166
T-mm: 23
W-gm: 2240
Scale: 90-090
Marks: A double circle incised on the ballast; * / * 16 [stamp] 56 * / * / A / GOYS
References_AT: Budsberg et al. 2016
Condition_AT: Eroded
Maker: A GOYS
Notes: Signed by Agostinho de Gois Raposo. Believed to have been salvaged from a shipwreeck in Brazil and illegally exported to the US. It is very similar to the two known astrolabes recovered from the Santíssimo Sacramento shipwreck site, in Bahia, Brazil.
Nationality: Portuguese
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